Take us with you (even on a staycation) for the Summer of KidsPost

The Squire family, from left, Elle, 9, Layla, 10, and Ruby, 6, couldn’t travel to Tokyo, Japan, for the Summer Olympics, so they “celebrated the Fourth of July by going for the gold in Bethesda.” The family staged a mini Olympic Games with parents grandmother and uncle. The photo is of the medal ceremony. (Family photo)

July 19 at 11:56 AM

This is a summer when everyone could use a getaway. The coronavirus pandemic has made traveling quite a challenge, however. And that makes Summer of KidsPost, our annual collection of readers’ vacation photos, a bit tricky. But as you see from these photos, you can still take KidsPost along on your summer fun. We took part in the Squire family’s Olympic-theme staycation — complete with a medal ceremony — at home in Bethesda, Maryland. We camped and ate s’mores in Pennsylvania with friends Billie Null and Elizabeth Luse. And we caught lots of fish in North Carolina with the Rokita sisters from Dunn Loring, Virginia, Virginia.

Elizabeth Rokita, 9, and sister Zofia, 11, of Dunn Loring, Virginia, caught 19 fish in one day at Jennette’s Pier in North Carolina. The catch included spot, pigfish and mackerel. “Fishing is new to us and this was a fantastic way to start,” dad Jonathan said. (Family photo)

Billie Null, left, a 7-year-old from Takoma Park, Maryland, and Elizabeth Luse, a 9-year-old from nearby Silver Spring, camped at Hemlock Acres Campground in Coburn, Pennsylvania. “They went swimming, biking and make s’mores,” Billie’s mom, Taryn, said. (Family photo)

So we encourage you to take KidsPost wherever you go to enjoy your summer break, and we’ll share your experiences with our readers.

Here are the rules:

● Get a recent copy of KidsPost, or download this printout. Take it on your staycation or vacation.

● Get someone to take a photo of you — and siblings or other family members — holding KidsPost. Just make sure at least one person in the photo is between the ages of 5 and 13.

● Have a parent fill out the form at wapo.st/summerofkidspost­2020 and attach your photo. List the full name, age and hometown of everyone in the photo and explain what’s going on.

Families can submit only one photo, and it must have been taken after May 24, 2020. Entries are due by September 1. At the end of the summer, three randomly selected families that have sent in photos will receive books and KidsPost goodies.