Live updates: Biden to view inaugural prayer service, deliver remarks on new coronavirus strategy

11:40 a.m.

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Biden issuing pandemic plan that aims to expand access to testing and vaccines, reopen schools

By Amy Goldstein, Isaac Stanley-Becker and Laura Meckler

Biden plans Thursday to issue a new national strategy to respond to the coronavirus pandemic and to take executive actions intended to make tests and vaccines more abundant, schools and travel safer, and states better able to afford their role in returning to normal life.

On his second day in office, aides said, Biden will sign an additional 10 executive orders, plus presidential memorandums, dealing with many aspects of the public health crisis that the new president has defined as his top priority.

They include the creation of a Pandemic Testing Board that can spur a “surge” in the capacity for coronavirus tests. Other orders will foster research into new treatments for covid-19, the disease caused by the virus; strengthen the collection and analysis of data to shape the government’s response to the crisis; and direct the federal occupational safety agency to release and enforce guidelines to protect workers from getting infected.

Source: WP