It’s time to show ground turkey a little respect

To make turkey work at home, “you’ve got to, like, sex it up a little bit,” says private chef Patty Nusser, who cooks ground turkey for her clients, most notably former NBA player Emeka Okafor; he requests it weekly for himself and his family. At first, she found ground turkey to be a challenge. She and her husband, the Michelin-starred chef/partner at New York’s Casa Mono, Andy Nusser, don’t even cook whole turkeys for the holidays, preferring pork or the occasional prime rib. Now, she adds bolder ingredients to her ground turkey dishes, such as ginger, scallions, garlic or ground rosemary. She also likes to grate in carrots to add moisture and sweetness. “You really need some strong flavors with ground turkey to make it work.”

Source: WP