Pregnant trans man on Glamour UK’s cover, touts children’s book ‘My Daddy’s Belly’

A pregnant transgender man is featured on Glamour UK’s June magazine cover for Pride month pitching his children’s book, ‘My Daddy’s Belly.’

Logan Brown, who became pregnant with partner Bailey J Mills, a drag performer, is authoring a book for his daughter about his experience as a pregnant man.

“I think it’s important for my daughter to read this book to know about where she comes from and feel proud about it,” he told Glamour UK.

According to the report, Mr. Brown, 27, became pregnant after he stopped taking testosterone “due to health reasons.”

“It took me ages to get to this point of being confident of who I am now, in being a pregnant man,” he said. “I spent so much time feeling shame [about being pregnant as a man] and something clicked and I thought, ‘No I’m going to own this, I’m a pregnant man’ and we’re going to do what we’re doing.”

On the magazine cover, he’s standing with an open suit revealing his pregnant belly beside the words “Trans, Pregnant, Proud.”

Glamour UK’s move to feature a pregnant transgender male was met with pushback.

Oli London, a former transgender internet celebrity, tweeted: “Just when you thought Woke Companies could not sink any lower — Glamour UK magazine has featured this ‘pregnant man’ on the cover to kick off Pride Month. Time to BudLight @GlamourMagUK.”

Source: WT