Grand theft by the left

Sane taxpayers expect their hard-earned dollars to go toward helping citizens and protecting the country against our adversaries. Elitist Democrats expect no such thing.

Spending billions on illegal immigrants instead of U.S. citizens in need is unconscionable and a slap in the face to hardworking Americans. Paying the education bills of students to the tune of billions of dollars is an affront to those who save and pay their own debts.

Using federal money, via the FBI and Justice Department, to go after citizens who have ideas that don’t match loony Democratic policies is an insult to the 75 million people who supported former President Donald Trump.

Continuing to fund a war in Ukraine with no limits to funding is malfeasance. Granting tax-exempt status to the teachers unions — unions that have brought our education system to its knees and provide financial support to the Democrats — is outright theft.

Picking winners and losers by giving to those entities that support Democratic policy, especially green and climate-oriented businesses, is nothing more than robbery.

A government that fails to uphold the Constitution and uses taxpayer funds to pursue its own political agenda is guilty of grand theft at the least, and treason at most.


Fairfax, Virginia

Source: WT