McDonald’s sued for hot coffee spill again

A hot coffee spill has landed McDonald’s in court again.

An elderly customer is suing a San Francisco McDonald’s location for not securing a cup of “scalding” coffee that spilled and burned her.

Mabel Childress alleges she suffered “severe burns” after the lid to her coffee slid off and the coffee spilled. The lawsuit, filed last week, says she suffered “physical pains, emotional distress and other damages” and says the restaurant was at fault.

“My restaurants have strict food safety protocols in place, including training crew to ensure lids on hot beverages are secure,” McDonald’s franchisee owner Peter Ou said in a statement.

Ms. Childress also accused McDonald’s employees of refusing to help her once she spilled her coffee, which the restaurant denies.

The lawsuit is similar to a 1992 case in which a court found that McDonald’s was selling its coffee 30 to 40 degrees hotter than other chains. The plaintiff in that case was awarded over $400,000.

Recently, McDonald’s lost another heat-related lawsuit where the company awarded a Florida family $800,000 after chicken nuggets burned their toddler.

Source: WT