Letter to the editor: Stop procrastinating, start working

As usual, Capitol Hill politicians wait until the end of September to formulate a budget to fund the federal government (“House Republicans negotiating package of spending bills with time running out to fund government,” Web, Sept. 21).

The appropriations process should have been completed with a budget finalized earlier this year, and it should have been ready 
for Biden’s signature by Sept. 1. Instead, Congress was on vacation most of the year, principally for the entire month of August. 

Only days remain to get the legislative process moving and the budget completed with the appropriations necessary to fund the military, 
the Veterans Affairs Department and all the federal programs so critical to the American people. 

To wit, should Congress fail to pass a budget by Sept. 30, the federal government will be closed down — so the salaries and benefits of these so-called congressional leaders must likewise be suspended.

Hey, Congress, stop the drama. Just get the budget finalized by Sept. 30.


Terre Haute, Indiana

Source: WT