Letter to the editor: Free market, not ‘Bidenomics’

The behavior of President Biden regarding inflation and the economy reminds me of a dog chasing its tail. No matter how fast the dog runs, he gets no closer to his goal.

What Biden does with one hand he damages with the other. For example, he says he wants full employment and good jobs as well as environmental improvement, but his multibillion-dollar push for electric vehicles means that many auto workers will lose their jobs. Why? EV assembly requires fewer workers. And his ‘generous’ government subsidies to get people to buy EVs means taxpayers foot the bill through higher taxes. The result is a poor economy and inflation.

Meanwhile, Biden‘s forced reduction of petroleum and natural-gas drilling means higher prices across the board and the loss of our energy independence and military advantage.

The answer to these problems is pulling the government out of market decisions. Let people buy what they want in a free market and that will reduce high prices.


Princeton, New Jersey

Source: WT