Swedish dockworkers block Tesla imports in labor action expansion

Sweden’s dockworkers are blocking imports of Tesla cars at all of the country’s ports as part of a union protest.

Transport, the union representing the dockworkers, claims it has seen no Teslas at Swedish ports since the blockade began this month, suggesting it’s working as intended.

The expansion is the latest in a brewing labor war between Sweden’s unions and Tesla.

The battle began in late October when the Swedish union IF Metall announced a strike against the company. The union, which represents over 100 of Tesla‘s Swedish mechanics, said it is demanding that the company come to the bargaining table and hammer out a contract.

After initial negotiations reportedly went nowhere, the Swedish dockworkers joined the mechanics in solidarity by announcing a blockade on Nov. 7.

With the blockade now expanded, it could bring famously anti-union Tesla to the bargaining table. But the electric vehicle maker might be able to weather the strike well. Marie Nilsson, president of IF Metall, claimed that Tesla has begun bringing in workers from other countries in a strike-breaking effort.

The battle could expand further this month if no deal is reached. On Nov. 24, 50 unionized aluminum and energy workers at Hydro Extrusions pledged to stop working on Tesla products if there is no agreement.

If the blockade and strike are able to bring Tesla to the bargaining table and if the union can deliver a contract to its members, it could signal to U.S. auto unions that an organization is not out of the question at Tesla‘s American plants.

After his strike victory against the Detroit Three carmakers, United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain said he would target nonunion auto companies such as Tesla.

Source: WT