Letter to the editor: Differences in protests

Here is a short list of the arrests made at recent pro-Palestinian rallies in U.S. cities: Five at the Flood Staten Island for Gaza march in New York; over 100 at Accenture Tower in Chicago; seven arrested at Brandeis University; one arrested (and six police officers injured) in Washington.

The pro-Israel rally in Washington last Tuesday, on the other hand, drew around 300,000 people. The number of disturbances and arrests: none.

What the pro-Palestinian crowd proves every time they “protest” is that peaceful coexistence with others is just not part of their makeup.

You’d think at least some Palestinians would speak up and say how embarrassed or disturbed they are about the barbarism of the own people. But there have been no such apologies. Instead, there have been numerous rallies in support of evil.

How low have these people sunk?


Brooklyn, New York 

Source: WT