Warrant reportedly implicates Quinton Dunbar, Deandre Baker in robbery coverup

The warrant, obtained from the Broward County (Fla.) Clerk of Courts, pieces together evidence from closed-circuit TV footage and direct messages on social media. It suggests Dominic Johnson, an unknown person and the four victims were at the office of Dunbar’s attorney, Michael Grieco, on May 15 to facilitate a $55,000 payoff.

“I made them same n—-s that said they got robbed come in and say them Boys ain’t have nothing to Do with it,” Johnson allegedly wrote the next day in direct messages on Instagram.

“Johnson is telling Baker to come to Dunbar Lawyer’s office,” Miramar Police Department detective Mark Moretti reportedly wrote in the new warrant he submitted to Judge Marina Garcia-Wood. “Baker replied, ‘Yo I’m in the city now getting cash how much to bring ?? I’m tryna get there too u ASAP.’ ”

Grieco and Baker’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, denied the allegations, instead saying their clients were blackmailed.

“Law enforcement, both local and federal, was advised from day one and beyond that the alleged ‘victims’ in this case were actively extorting Baker and Dunbar,” Grieco told the Seattle Times. “These men fabricated a robbery story after waiting an hour to call police and then immediately began contacting the players demanding money.

“My office obtained accurate and truthful affidavits consistent with the independent witness and my client’s account. … Mr. Dunbar took and passed a polygraph confirming that he did not participate or witness any robbery.”

On Twitter, Cohen wrote Baker “paid no one” and took a lie-detector test in which he was “shown to be truthful.” Cohen added that the Daily News story was a “smear tactic.”

Cohen, according to ESPN, called the situation an “extortion scheme” and suggested the victims said, “If we don’t get paid, we’re going to TMZ.”

Johnson allegedly described the payoff to someone else through another Instagram message the day of the meeting.

“We all heading to the lawyer now to get the charges dropped I got them n—-s to sign the papers,” Johnson allegedly wrote. “Got them same n—-s that said they got robbed to say they didn’t.”

The warrant says Johnson called Dunbar while in Grieco’s office after the papers were signed and was in communication with Baker through direct messages. Johnson described to another person the situation surrounding the robbery and indicated he didn’t want to be involved.

“Bra that s— ain’t go nothing like that,” he allegedly wrote in another message. “3 ball players was meeting up to play against each other in madden for the money and the only way n—-s was invited cause they was nfl n—-s no street n—-s so everything was supposed to be safe and everybody knew who everybody was cause they played against each other in the season. One got mad felt like the other one was cheating and took his money back. I got caught in the middle cause I invited the two dudes from the crib so that’s how they put me in the middle. I never told on nobody.”

One victim said he received $30,000, another got $20,000 and a third was given $5,000 and gave half to the fourth victim, the Daily News reports. According to the warrant, one victim said “he was being directed that he didn’t see what he thought he saw.”

Moretti says in the warrant that Grieco informed him that the victims and witnesses had recanted their original stories accusing Dunbar, Baker and a third man of robbing several partygoers at a cookout in Florida, with Baker allegedly brandished a gun.

“However, I also want the court to be aware that all five individuals have been threatened and have expressed extreme concern to me regarding their safety,” Moretti wrote. “One of the [individuals] was forced to move out of his apartment. The other was receiving texted messages containing pictures of his passport, the same passport that was stolen during the robbery.”

Dunbar, who played for the Washington Redskins from 2015 to 2019 before being traded to the Seattle Seahawks in March, was charged with four counts of armed robbery. Baker, a second-year cornerback for the New York Giants, was charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and four counts of armed robbery. They turned themselves in May 15 and were released the next day after posting bond. Both pleaded not guilty to all charges.