5 cheery cherry desserts

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Cherry season is nigh, so we rounded up some of our favorite dessert recipes for you to keep in mind throughout the coming weeks and months. And for the cherry lovers that want to enjoy the stone fruit all year round, these recipes can be made with frozen fruit, too, so you can whip them up whenever the mood may strike. Whether sweet or sour, fresh or frozen, these cherry desserts put the crimson stone fruit to great use.

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9 bright, cheery cherry recipes, including desserts, salads and drinks

Black Forest Icebox Cake, above. In this recipe, the classic Black Forest cake is transformed into a no-bake dessert that is ideally suited for summer — or any time of the year. Just layer chocolate cookies, a cherry-cream cheese whipped cream and sweet cherries, let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours, and you’ll have a showstopping dessert.

Sour Cherry Lattice Pie. “Sweet cherries are easier to find, of course, but nothing compares to sour cherries in pie,” Rose Levy Beranbaum told Daniela Galarza. In Beranbaum’s 1998 “The Pie and Pastry Bible,” she writes that “their tart flavor is as pure and joyful as the piercingly clear song of a cardinal.” Here, the fleeting bright red fruit is baked under a flaky cream cheese lattice crust.

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Mini Cherry-Vanilla Sherbet Sandwiches. In this lighter, more healthful frozen treat from Nourish columnist Ellie Krieger, frozen cherries are blended with the milk of your choice to make a quick sherbet-like frozen fruit whip that acts as a filling between two vanilla wafer cookies to create mini sandwiches. You can then roll them in either shredded coconut or chopped, toasted almonds for a festive coating.

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Cherry Phyllo Turnovers. As a lighter, better-for-you alternative to puff pastry or other pie doughs, this recipe, also from Ellie Krieger, features phyllo dough, which results in a shatteringly crisp, flaky exterior. The filling is made from sweet cherries flavored with a dash of ground cardamom.

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Cherry Clafoutis. After sharing this recipe last year, it easily became my go-to cherry dessert given how easy it comes together: Just whip up a custard in a blender, pour it over some pitted fruit and then bake until set. Voila!


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