Tennessee puts children first with drag queen ban

Tennessee lawmakers just sent a bill to the Republican governor, Bill Lee, that will ban drag queens from performing in front of children. And boy are the drag queens angry.

But let’s hope more states follow Tennessee’s lead, though. This bill — this ban — is a much-needed injection of sanity in a culture that’s not only gone crazy, but also, but more so, outright abusive and dangerous to children. It’s called Putting Children First — something leftists always claim to do. Right?

“This is a common sense child-safety bill,” said one supporter of SB3, Tennessee Rep. Chris Todd.

Yes. It is. And it’s one that should be replicated around the nation. Enough of the lunatic fringe and psychologically damaged and deranged running the show — running roughshod over norms and normalcies and all that’s normal. Men dressing as women and parading their half-naked and sexually charged bodies in front of kids, even prancing for dollars in some videotaped instances, is called child abuse.

Tennessee lawmakers took action. A handful of other states — Republican-run states — are considering similar bills. But Tennessee has taken action.

“The bill, which passed 74-to-19, makes it illegal to host ‘an adult cabaret performance’ where children may be present. Cabaret performances are defined as those featuring ‘topless dancers, go-go dancers, exotic dancers, strippers, [and] male or female impersonators who provide entertainment that appeals to a prurient interest,’” as the National Review writes.

Violators face Class A misdemeanors, fines of up to $2,500 and up to a year in prison. Subsequent violations carry class E felony charges, between one and six years in prison and fines of up to $3,000.

Those are actually light sentences considering the abuse factor.

What children see can’t be unseen.

What children learn can’t be so quickly and easily, in some cases, be unlearned.

Teaching the nation’s youngest, most vulnerable and most impressionable such sexual moves and grooves — and from a most abnormal, psychologically deviant perspective — is wicked. It’s evil. It destroys the innocence of youth. And that, in turn, opens the door for the next generation of deviancy.

Therein lies the goal of the LGBTQ crowd. 

It’s not about acceptance; it’s not about tolerance. It’s about flipping norms and flipping the middle finger at traditional family and biblically based values. It’s about tearing down societal standards and bringing about a new culture that supposedly embraces everything — which is to say, stands for nothing. Collapse is then imminent. 

That is when the leftists who love the LGBTQ agenda will announce their victory: when society has crumbled to the point of utter chaos and rules and laws and principles and finer virtues and godly values are obliterated.

“The intent of the legislation is just to simply say that you cannot have sexually explicit entertainment … in a public venue where kids might be present,” said Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson, the bill’s sponsor, as NBC News reported. 

The fact this bill is even necessary shows just how lunatic America’s culture has become.

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Source: WT