The ‘climate time-bomb’ is coming!

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued its new findings and woe to the world, run to the caves, a “climate time-bomb” is coming. 

So much for that 12-year thing promised by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York Democrat. It’s go time. It’s bomb time. And bombs, as sound science has shown, as Anthony Fauci’s sound science has proven, actually explode — and as sound scientific experimentation has also shown, explosions occur in less than 12 years. Less than 10 even. There you have it.

“Today’s IPCC report is a how-to guide to defuse the climate time bomb,” said U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, CNBC reported. “It’s a survival guide for humanity.”

Gosh, that sounds bad.

The good news is Guterres is a socialist-slash-Marxist, and as everybody who’s anybody knows, all socialists and all Marxists are liars by trade. It’s in their natures; they have to lie in order to advance their socialist, Marxist principles. After all, if socialists and Marxists told the truth about what their socialism and Marxism bring, then nobody would want to be socialists or Marxists, or vote for socialists or Marxists, now would they? So the good news: Guterres is an inherent liar. When he cries “climate time-bomb!” — it’s A-OK to yawn and go back to the PlayStation. Or to the mulching. It is spring, after all.

There is some bad news, though.

“The U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said the unprecedented challenge of keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels had become even greater in recent years due to the relentless increase in global greenhouse gas emissions,” CNBC wrote.

Wow. Relentless increases — that’s pretty bad, right?

Those relentless increases have “resulted in more frequent and more intense extreme weather events that have caused increasingly dangerous impacts on nature and people in every region of the world,” according to the IPCC, CNBC wrote.

That’s pretty bad, too — wicked bad, one might even argue. After all, we’re not just talking intense weather events. We’re talking intense extreme weather events. And nothing says ‘head for the hills’ like intense extreme weather. Do not pass go; do not pause to grab the umbrella.

It’s intense extreme out there. Rainy as all get out, even. 

But that’s still not the bad news.

So what is?

Well, on the heels of 10,000-plus pages of research, and from the compilation of six different assessment reports, and following the condensing of scores of material and analysis and data into a short, easy-peasy-to-read manual — from all that comes the bad news that the left, under the tutelage of the leftist-of-lefties at the United Nations, can’t, won’t and won’t ever let go the hysterical histrionic hysteria on climate change as a tool of power and control.

“The climate time-bomb is ticking,” Guterres said. “But today’s IPCC report is a how-to guide to defuse the climate time-bomb. It is a survival guide for humanity. As it shows, the 1.5-degree limit is achievable. But it will take a quantum leap in climate action … In short, our world needs climate action on all fronts — everything, everywhere, all at once.”

And hurry.

Before Joe Biden leaves his presidential perch and a new White House commander-in-chief, a saner White House commander-in-chief — a Republican — takes over and reels in the climate change frenzy.

So the bad news is that leftists will never, no never, stop pushing weather fears. The opportunity to redistribute money, steal individual liberties and regulate and control all of humanity is too great a temptation for leftists to leave.

The bad news is America, under feckless White House watch, is just another leftist looking to exploit the weather for control. 

The bad news is the sane have to suffer these climate alarmism fools for yet a little longer. Then again, fools can be quite funny. 

In remarks in Paris earlier this month, one of the United Nations’ leading climate alarmists, COP28 President-designate Sultan al-Jaber, said this: “The bottom line is this: the world needs to cut emissions by 43% in the next seven years to keep 1.5 [Celsius goal] alive.”

Who is al-Jaber?

He’s a sultan, and the head of the one of the world’s largest oil companies, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. 

The joke of climate change keeps on coming.

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