Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton headed for auction, on display in Switzerland

Swiss auction house Koller Auctions on Wednesday let the public peek at TRX-293 Trinity, a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton going on auction on April 18.

TRX-293 Trinity, so named due to its 293 bones, will be publicly displayed in Switzerland until April 16.

Visitors looking to see the skeleton at the Tonhalle in Zurich need a reservation.

TRX-293 Trinity is the third T. rex skeleton to be auctioned following the $8.4 million sale of Sue in 1997 and the $31.8 million sale of Stan in 2020. Trinity is the first such specimen to go to auction in Europe.

This piece is projected to sell for $5.43 million to $8.7 million, according to Reuters.

The skeleton measures 12 feet 9 inches in height and 38 feet long. It’s made of parts from three fossils found in the United States.

Source: WT