George Soros feigns innocence on anti-Trump D.A., Alvin Bragg

George Soros, the man who brought us Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg — the man who brought us this latest anti-Donald Trump witch-hunt indictment fiasco — now says he doesn’t know Bragg.

Nothing to see here, folks, go home. Soros is wiping his hands clean of the whole matter.

“George Soros on Trump prosecutor Alvin Bragg: ‘I didn’t fund him and I don’t know him,” ran one recent headline.


Here’s more, from a text thread between Steve Clemons, Semafor writer, and Soros.

“Lots of supporters of Donald Trump refer to Alvin Bragg as a Soros-funded DA in New York. What are your thoughts on them linking you to this historic indictment of Donald Trump?” Clemons asked, via text.

“Steve,” Soros reportedly wrote back, according to an enlarged still shot of the actual text, “I wrote this piece in the Wall Street Journal. Anyone who wants to understand why I’ve donated to reform-minded prosecutors should read it. As for Alvin Bragg, as a matter of fact I did not contribute to his campaign and I don’t know him. I think some of the right would rather focus on far-fetched conspiracy theories than on the serious charges against the former president.” Within the text was a link to the referenced piece, entitled: “Opinion: Why I Support Reform Prosecutors.”

But here’s an even more interesting reveal.

Even The New York Times acknowledges a link between Soros and Bragg.

In a “fact check” piece that was published on March 23, 2023, The New York Times reported, “Donald Trump’s allies have accused the district attorney bringing a case against him as having been ‘bought’ by Mrs. Soros, the philanthropist. That is misleading, though the men do have a financial connection.”

In other words, as the newspaper wrote, “the connections between [Soros] and Alvin L. Bragg … are real but overstated.”

Focus on the “real.”

“[Soros] has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Color of Change PAC, which endorsed Bragg and spent money to help his candidacy,” The Hill wrote.

That’s the “real.”

That’s what counts.

That’s what “some on the right,” as Soros calls his critics, are talking about. 

Bragg began his campaign quest for district attorney in mid-2019. In May of 2021, Color of Change, endorsed him and pledged $1 million for campaign activities to help Bragg win. And coincidentally, just “a few days later, on May 14, as The New York Times wrote, Mr. Soros contributed $1 million to the group” — the same amount pledged by this group for campaign activities to help Bragg win.

And now Soros wants it said: Let the record reflect — I am innocent!

Sorry. But not sorry.

Soros is a billionaire who has purposely established organizations with missions to change the direction of America’s democratic-republic  and limited government model and, of late, justice system.

He funds groups that align in mission with his globalist mindset.

He spends money on causes that fight the constitutional way.

He spreads his socialist tentacles in so many directions it takes full-time effort to follow and report on all the trails.

But make no mistake about it: Soros has his money in hundreds of causes and organizations, and his money is there because it’s understood these groups will do his bidding.

Soros may not have physically met with Bragg and slid him the yellow envelope of cash across a restaurant table.

But Soros money found its way into Bragg’s hands via the Color of Change PAC.

For Soros to now distance himself from the very district attorney radical he helped create, is dishonest and cowardly. 

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