Biden’s America: We deserve better leadership

President Biden’s America is filled with chaos. Despite what the media may be telling us, people see the daily disarray caused by the president’s policies — and it’s time we call them out.

Despite members of the Biden administration telling us inflation would be “transitory,” those who buy groceries and pay at the pump have seen prices go up over the past two years. It seems the head of the failed Silicon Valley Bank may be one of the few who actually believed the transitory line.

In my opinion, many young people who are opting to rent and travel are doing so because they believe it is too expensive to get married, buy a home and start a family. How sad is that?

Despite claims that our cities are safe, we see news reports from places like Chicago, San Francisco and New York. Videos of riots in the streets, large-scale shoplifting, unchecked drug use, and violence against people based on race are driving residents and employers out of major urban areas. People can see the boarded-up houses and businesses with their own eyes.

Liberals and the media attempt to shift blame by proposing radical gun control laws, but the overwhelming amount of violence comes from those who have no problem breaking the law. Instead, liberal prosecutors are quick to release offenders back on the streets. Remarkably, they are shocked when criminals commit new crimes. It’s what they do, They’re criminals.

Americans can see the images of the invasion happening along our southern border. Despite what the secretary of health and human services says, the U.S.-Mexico border is not secure. People can see that for themselves.

Sadly, too many of us know or have heard about people who have lost loved ones to fentanyl. It flows over the border and through the rest of the country. This is not a border crisis. It is a national security crisis.

Americans don’t need to be told about Mr. Biden’s massive blunder in Afghanistan; they saw it. We remember the images of people clinging to a U.S. airplane, only to fall to their deaths. We saw Afghans desperate to leave their country and maintain their freedom, while U.S. service members made the ultimate sacrifice at the Kabul airport, killed in a suicide bombing. The result has been new images of women being abused and killed in Afghanistan.

Over the past few years, we have seen schools closed, the impact of which has been catastrophic for students. We saw the headlines of the teachers union bosses demanding places of learning remain empty, even as parents pleaded for them to reopen. We still don’t know the full cost of their reckless and selfish decisions.

We saw the kids forced to wear masks even as the data showed they were at extremely low risk. We have seen the rise of mental health issues during the pandemic. Our children are scared, but they don’t have to be.

Parents watching high school and college athletic events have literally seen the impact on young women when those who were born as biological males are allowed to compete as women. Look at the medal stand at the Ivy League championships and it is not hard to see which person had an advantage over the others.

When 50 states have laws that prohibit minors from getting a tattoo, and most prohibit them from buying alcohol and cigarettes or gambling, it seems strange they allow anyone to perform sex-change surgery on children. Despite being told they are “family friendly,” people can see the performers in drag shows acting as if they were at a strip joint.

Even when told that parents who showed up at school board meetings were domestic terrorists, people can see the school administration was wrong for throwing a father out of a meeting for asking why the district did not act against a male student who wore a dress into the girls’ restroom and sexually assaulted his daughter. Parents across the political spectrum were united in their outrage to that preventable crime.

Tonette and I remember our first baby picture. It was an ultrasound image of Matthew. His body was turned on the side and he was sucking his thumb. We didn’t need anyone to tell us he was a baby. We could see it.

Liberals and their apologists in the media try to claim states like Florida are banning books, but a quick look at the list shows it is filled with pornographic images. Parents are smart enough to know that the material would be inappropriate for children if it featured people who are heterosexual, so it should be no different for homosexual or transgender people.

We see the chaos caused by radical policies in America. We refuse to be confused by liberals and the media. It’s time we called out the radical leftists for their attempt to destroy our country.

• Scott Walker is president of Young America’s Foundation and served as the 45th governor of Wisconsin from 2011 to 2019.

Source: WT