Marxism, collectivism and conformity — DEI’s perils make mark in America

Fifty-six percent of U.S. adults said in a recent Pew Research Center survey that focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is a “good thing.” Only 16% said it was a “bad thing.” And 28% said it was “neither good nor bad.”

Another way to read those numbers? Only 16 percent of U.S. adults thoroughly understand the foundations of American freedom — that is to say, capitalism, entrepreneurship, individualism, limited government and God-given rights.

That’s sad. That’s sorry. And that’s a path of peril. American liberty won’t last if fewer than a fifth of adults oppose Marxism in the work place over, say, Not Marxism. And make no mistake about it: diversity, equity and inclusion are all Marxist divide-and-conquer, class warfare, conform-to-collectivism principles. They’re successfully pushed because on surface, they seem so compassionate and kind. Who doesn’t want everybody to succeed in life, right?

But equity, for one, is hardly equality. 

Equality means everybody has the same resources and opportunities to pursue personal goals, ambitions, dreams, desires. An inherent trait of equality is personal accountability; also known as individualism. Another inherent trait of equality is the recognition that God regards all His created children in the same light — with love; also known as God-given liberties. 

Equity means everybody is given — by government force — the exact same resources and opportunities so all may achieve the exact same outcomes. An inherent trait of equity is socialism, whereby government seizes from one to redistribute and reallocate to another. Another inherent trait of equity is the destruction of individual ambition, will to create, quest to succeed — because why bother to work hard when the fruits of labor are seized and given to others less qualified, less motivated, less talented, less willing to produce and create?

Equality frees the soul. Equity sucks the life from the individual. Equality pads the way for a righteous sense of accomplishment leading to justifiable boosts in self esteem. Equality rewards the best in society while still keeping doors wide open for the least to accomplish what they will.

Equity is gratuitous; fake success; and it feeds a government and society of self-righteously indignant do-nothings who wield resources like weapons and dole out opportunities as favors to the lucky few. Equity punishes the best in society to reward the least.

Equity’s equally soul-sucking sisters, diversity and inclusion — that is to say, forced diversity and government-mandated inclusion — similarly strip individuals of their motivations for achieving by putting a bureaucratic entity in charge of deciding winners versus losers, more often than not by using criteria that has nothing to do with talent, intelligence, hard work or ingenuity. Skin color, in a DEI workplace, is just as, if not more so, important than skill.

You didn’t build that, as Barack Obama might say.

You only built that because the government gave you the tools to build it — because you were born with light-colored skin — because you were born into a family of wealth — because you were lucky enough to live in the right zip code, with the right schooling, with the right influencers — all as Barack Obama, and communists, might say.

“There are wide partisan differences in views of workplace DEI,” Pew wrote. “Most Democratic and Democratic-leaning workers (78%) say focusing on DEI at work is a good thing, compared with 30% of Republicans and Republican leaners.”

Moreover, only 4% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning workers say focusing on DEI at work is “a bad thing.”

That figures.

Today’s Democrats are the party of socialists, communists and Marxists, after all.

It’s shaping like tomorrow’s Democrats will be more of the same.

“Workers under 30 are the most likely age group to say focusing on DEI at work is a good thing,” Pew wrote. “About two-thirds (68%) of workers ages 18 to 29 say this, compared with 56% of workers 30 to 49, 46% of those 50 to 64, and 52% of those 65 and older.”

Training the younger generations in the Democrat-slash-Marxist way to go; remember when work used to be about making money to provide for self and family?

Better yet, remember when America used to scorn entitlement society, scoff at cradle-to-grave nanny governance and resist total taxpayer funded systems that only served to depress individual achievement, individual accountability and responsibility and ultimately, individualism itself?

DEI is the new catchphrase of defeatism.

It’s creating a work force in America filled with people who don’t want to work, because they don’t really see the need to work, because they aren’t truly, honestly, genuinely rewarded for their hard work, anyway.

Peter gets tired of being robbed to pay Paul.

And Peter gets especially tired of being told it’s his good citizen duty to the state to let himself be robbed to provide for Paul.

DEI is destroying American entrepreneurial spirit and soon enough, the middle class — that is, the small business sector — and even sooner, the national economy. If nobody works, nobody produces. If nobody produces, if nobody creates, America becomes a nation of consumers. That’s great for globalism; the equalizing of economies of the world. That’s terrific for the World Economic Forum and its Great Reset goals of killing capitalism, one China economic principle at a time. But it’s the death knell to America’s free market. It’s the nail on the coffin to individualism.

DEI isn’t just woke corporatism. It’s evil disguised as good.

Free markets aren’t perfect — because humans themselves aren’t perfect. But putting bureaucrats in charge of deciding winners and losers is never a smart move.

As economist Milton Friedman wrote in 2006 for The Wall Street Journal, “[A free economy] gives people what they want instead of what a particular group thinks they ought to want. Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.”

That’s true.

And that, in a nutshell, is DEI — a  government-controlled system that is anything but free. 

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