Chiefs superfan cracks Kansas City’s most wanted list over suspected bank robbery

The Kansas City Chiefs superfan who dons a wolf costume to games was added to the city’s most wanted list related to a suspected bank robbery in Oklahoma this month. 

Xaviar Badubar, the 28-year-old behind the “ChiefsAholic” persona, made his debut on the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers’ Most Wanted Fugitives List this month, according to the Kansas City Star. Badubar is listed as the fifth person on the list.

Police in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, arrested Badubar in December for making off with $150,000 after he used an airsoft gun and a mask to stick up a bank in Bixby. 

A bail bondsman — who is also a Chiefs fan — paid the $80,000 to secure Badubar’s release earlier this year, according to the New York Times. 

But two days before his March court hearing, Badubar removed his ankle monitor and left the Oklahoma hotel he was staying. The bail bondsman and Badubar’s attorney told ESPN that they haven’t been able to get ahold of the suspect despite repeated attempts.

A judge issued a $1 million bond warrant for Badubar’s arrest.

The superfan may have been looking for a payday. According to the New York Times, Badubar won $100,000 at a Kansas sportsbook for betting on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl and for Patrick Mahomes to be named the NFL’s most valuable player. Bets need to be collected in person.

Badubar previously told the court that he is homeless and has no money.

He is facing charges of robbery with a firearm and assault while masked or disguised, in addition to removing an electronic monitoring device, according to ESPN.

Source: WT