Musk courts Taylor Swift’s content for X

X owner Elon Musk is hoping pop megastar Taylor Swift will use his platform as a promotional tool for her upcoming album cycle.

In another attempt to get multimedia artists to publish on X, Mr. Musk gave some free career advice to Ms. Swift.

“I recommend posting some music or concert videos directly on the X platform,” he wrote Wednesday, responding to the announcement for her upcoming album “1989 (Taylor’s Version).”

The album is a re-recording of her 2014 record “1989” and is expected to be a smash hit.

Mr. Musk’s attempt to get Ms. Swift to publish her work on X is further proof that he’s serious about turning the platform into an everything app.

Since taking over the company last year, Mr. Musk has courted several media figures to publish their work exclusively on X. Most recently, fired Fox News host Tucker Carlson launched his show, “Tucker on X,” on the platform. X also became the sole host of the journalistic expose “The Twitter Files” this year.

Mr. Musk’s efforts have gone deeper into politics, with Flordia Gov. Ron DeSantis announcing his candidacy on X.

Source: WT