Christie says he’d send U.S. troops to rescue American hostages in Gaza

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said at the fourth GOP debate Wednesday night that he would send U.S. troops into Gaza to rescue American hostages held by Hamas.

“Absolutely,” the former New Jersey governor said when asked if he would send troops. “If they had a plan which showed me that we could get them out safely, you’re damn right I’d send the American army in there to get our people home and get them home now.”

The question was originally posed to fellow GOP candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at the debate in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, who didn’t give a direct yes or no answer. Mr. Christie quickly butted in, claiming that “Ron gets asked a question and he doesn’t answer.”

“Look, when you’re president of the United States, you’re not gonna have a choice whether to answer that question or not,” Mr. Christie said. “Your generals, your secretary of defense, your secretary of state, your national security adviser are going to present plans to you, they’re gonna look at you and say, ‘Do we go or don’t we, Mr. President?” and you can’t give a 90-second [answer] about your military service.”

Source: WT