Police in Serbia fire tear gas at election protesters threatening to storm capital’s city hall

BELGRADE, Serbia — Police in Serbia fired tear gas to prevent hundreds of opposition supporters from entering the capital’s city council building Sunday in protest of what election observers said were widespread vote irregularities during a general election last weekend.

The country’s populist authorities have denied rigging the vote. President Aleksandar Vucic said Sunday that those claims were blatant ”lies” promoted by the political opposition.

Shielded riot police barricaded themselves inside Belgrade’s city hall, firing tear gas as hundreds of opposition protesters broke windows on the entrance of the downtown building.

The protesters shouted “Open the door” and “Thieves,” as they also pelted the building with eggs. Some chanted “Vucic is Putin,” comparing the Serbian president with Russia’s leader.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

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Source: WT