Letter to the editor: How Trump can still win

The Roberts court prefers to stay out of legislation issues, as the challenge to the Obamacare ruling proved. The Supreme Court can stay out of the legislative or the electoral process.

If Donald Trump is taken off enough primary ballots to prevent him from getting the nomination, the court doesn’t have to step in.  

All Trump has to do is campaign for voting for Vivek Ramaswamy in the states where he’s been tossed from the ballot. This will cause a first ballot loss for every candidate. Then Trump and Ramaswamy delegations can coalesce to give Trump the nomination.

After that, Trump can campaign for any independent or third-party candidate in the battleground states. The most likely result is that no candidate will get 270 electoral votes.  

Then the contest will go to the House, where at least 26 of the delegations will vote for Trump.

Oswego, Illinois 

Source: WT