Bluesky aims to close in on X, Threads with new features

Decentralized social media site Bluesky rolled out features this week in an attempt to catch up with rivals X and Threads.

Bluesky added a video and music player along with the ability to hide posts. Both features let users better customize their browsing and posting experience.

The new players work much the same as on X, with Bluesky accepting video and music content from Spotify, Twitch, YouTube and SoundCloud. Unlike X, the content won’t autoplay; users must tap on a video or audio file to see it.

The hiding post feature works as it does on X. If users don’t want to see a particular post, they only have to tap on it and click the hide option.

Bluesky’s new features put it one step closer to competing with the big names in the social media sphere.

While X remains one of the most popular text-based social media platforms, challengers hope to come on. One is Meta’s Threads, which is trying to differentiate itself from the former Twitter.

Bluesky too wants to threaten X’s numbers. Currently, users must be invited to use the 2-year-old app, with thousands waiting to post on the platform. The company said it expects to have a more open platform in the coming year.

Source: WT