Democratic mayors point finger at Texas governor over migrant ‘chaos’

The Democratic mayors of Chicago and Denver accused Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of sowing “chaos” by busing and flying migrants who illegally crossed the southern border to theirs and other cities.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston conceded there was an immigration crisis with a record influx of illegal crossings but said the surprise arrivals of migrants in their cities was an intentional and cruel effort to overwhelm them.

Mr. Johnson said another plane that brought more migrants overnight was a “very dangerous task” by the governor.

“Gov. Abbott is determined to sow seeds of chaos,” the Chicago leader said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

Mr. Abbott and other Republican officials have argued that transporting migrants as they surge in record numbers across the U.S.-Mexico border draws attention to the issue and what Republican officials are calling the Biden administration’s policy failures.

“We understand the flow is coming,” said Mr. Johnston, the Denver chief executive. “We just want it to be coordinated, and in a humanitarian way, which we think makes it effective for the city and for those newcomers. That means things like arriving 8:00 to 5:00, Monday to Friday, with notice.”

Source: WT