A garlicky pistachio puree turns white beans into an irresistible topping for toast, salads and more

Peppler uses pistachios in her aillade, which she allows can be made in a food processor, and she folds it into cooked cannellini beans. You know I had to try it, and I was anything but disappointed. The aillade — in essence a garlicky nut butter — turns simple white beans into something so rich, so creamy and so indulgent-tasting, my mind started reeling with ideas about how to use them. Each day they seemed to taste better than before, as the beans absorbed more of the aillade’s flavor. I ate some warm over rice, slathered some on a flour tortilla and scooped some onto a bed of baby salad greens from the garden. But it was pretty hard to beat my final choice: piled onto toasted rustic bread with some arugula leaves for peppery contrast.

Source: WP