Will you like Nintendo’s ‘Game Builder Garage’? Do you like school?

“Game Builder Garage” features seven major lessons, led by a high-pitched and excitable blue cursor named Bob. Bob teaches players how to build several types of games, and he’s an extremely likable dot from the get-go. Charmingly, he makes sounds of disappointment when things don’t go his way — basically, anytime he sees a bit of programming that still needs work. Lesson one is a simple game of tag, aptly named Tag Showdown. It’s followed by lessons that have players building a game about rolling a ball to a goal called On a Roll, an alien blasting title called Alien Blaster, a running platformer called Risky Run, an escape room game titled Mystery Room, a game about racing called Thrill Racer and finally, a three-dimensional game called Super Person World. After players complete the first lesson, they’re free to design their own games without following a template. From there, they can share their work with their friends.

Source: WP