Elon Musk’s ever-expanding empire

Musk’s role: CEO, co-founder

2021 Revenue: $53.8 billion

Tesla made electric cars mainstream, and it has global ambitions. The company, which made more than 930,000 vehicles last year, wants to eventually produce 20 million vehicles per year. It all started with a sporty convertible, the Roadster. But Tesla gradually expanded to sedans with the Model S, SUVs with the Model X, and more mainstream offerings with the Model 3 sport sedan and Model Y crossover.

Tesla now has factories in the United States, China and Germany. In the United States alone it has a presence in California, Texas, New York and Nevada.

The company has been called the crown jewel, the golden child, and the center of Musk’s portfolio. But electrifying the automotive fleet may not even be the most important challenge Musk has undertaken.

Source: WP