Stormy Daniels’ morning musing: ‘Anything exciting going on today?’

Ex-porn star Stormy Daniels is having a little fun with the possible arrest of former President Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump said he expected to be arrested Tuesday over allegations he covered up hush money payments to Ms. Daniels ahead of the 2016 election. 

“Wow! It’s a beautiful morning,” Ms. Daniels said on Twitter. “It’s always been my dream to sip coffee on my farm porch and watch my gorgeous horse graze.”

“Anything exciting going on today?” she tweeted.

Mr. Trump’s prediction of a pending arrest has put a spotlight on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who may be on the verge of indicting Mr. Trump. The former president could avoid arrest since he lives in Florida and Gov. Ron DeSantis says he won’t allow his extradition to New York.

It has put pressure on Mr. Trump’s current and likely rivals for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination to pick sides.

And it has put more attention on Ms. Daniels.

She claims she and Mr. Trump had sex and that she accepted $130,000 from his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, in exchange for her being mum about the encounter.

Mr. Cohen was later jailed for tax evasion and campaign finance violations.

Mr. Trump has denied any wrongdoing or sexual involvement with Ms. Daniels.

Source: WT