Schumer moves to stop Tuberville’s blockade of military nominees

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has lined up votes to advance the nominations of three top military officials who have been waiting to take their posts since Sen. Tommy Tuberville has been holding them up in a protest over Pentagon abortion policy.

Mr. Schumer filed cloture, a motion to end a debate, on three officials chosen by President Biden: Gen. Charles Brown for Joint Chiefs of Staff chair, Gen. Randy George to be Army chief of staff and Gen. Eric Smith to be Marine Corps commandant.

Mr. Tuberville, Alabama Republican, has jammed up the confirmations and promotions of hundreds of military officials after he took the Senate floor to object to a motion to approve a group of Mr. Biden’s nominees by unanimous consent. He took the stance to show his dislike of the Pentagon’s abortion policy, which allows troops to travel to other states to obtain abortions if the procedure is not permitted locally.

On the floor, Mr. Schumer accused Mr. Tuberville of abusing the Senate process and said his actions are hurting military families. He told lawmakers to expect votes through the weekend to confirm the nominees.

Source: WT