Warzone Season 5 map changes, battle pass highlights and more

The biggest and most anticipated change centers on Verdansk Stadium (which has been dubbed Acropolis National Arena, for some reason or another). The roof has literally been blown off, providing players access to an area that includes the field, seats, concourses, concession stands and even an underground garage. Given its central location on the map, “The House that Infinity Ward Built” should be a high-traffic spot for the foreseeable future.

The stadium had been one of the map’s most-loathed features given its massive size, and the fact that campers would often fly a chopper to its otherwise inaccessible roof to snipe passersby. In addition to opening the roof, Season 5 will introduce more vertical ascension cables to the exterior of taller buildings (similar to how you can already ascend open elevator shafts). This will provide more access points for attackers trying to push foes in elevated positions, something that had provided a distinct advantage to players setting up on downtown high-rise buildings.

In addition to the stadium, two other hot spots figure to be the train station — now with an accessible interior that links to its main hall — as well as a moving freight train that will circle the southwest portion of the map.

A new mode, dubbed Mini Royale also debuts in Season 5. Reminiscent of several limited time modes in “Blackout,” from “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4,” Mini Royale will feature fewer combatants, constant movement and reward aggressive strategies.

The alterations to the Verdansk map coincide with the start of the Season 5 battle pass, which introduces Wartracks, three songs that will blare whenever you and your squad hop into vehicles. All three songs will unlock with the purchase of the Season 5 pass, which also includes a new operators named Lerch (upon purchase of the pass) and two new weapons, the ISO 9mm SMG (Tier 15) and the AN-94 assault rifle (Tier 31). Two additional new operators, named Velikan and Morte, will be available for purchase in the store later in the season.

Among the touted items in the battle pass are new skins for Otter, Domino, Yegor, Wyatt, Syd, Talon, Iskra and a Joint Task Force Mil-Sim skin. You’ll also be able to unlock a new finisher animation that sends a raven after your enemies.

The new season also introduces four new multiplayer maps for owners of Modern Warfare. The first opens up the Verdansk Airport for the Ground War mode, which should provide for more freewheeling, vehicle-friendly combat after the introduction of the super-narrow Promenade map in Season 4. The playable zone will include the airport interior, parking garage, adjacent apartment complex and subway entrance, in addition to the hangars on the eastern side of the tarmac.

Livestock gives another map to Modern Warfare’s gunfight mode, while Suldal Harbor and Petrov Oil Rig will be geared for 6v6 modes.

Speaking of modes, Season 5 will bring a new Search and Destroy variant called Double Down, which will take the traditional 6v6 mode to 12v12. Bare Bones, the game’s perk-less, killstreak-less, field upgrade-less variant for team deathmatch, domination, HQ, hardpoint, and kill confirmed, is also expected for Season 5.

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